Australian Bobath Training Association

The Australian Bobath Training Association Inc. co-ordinates courses in the Bobath Concept, inclusive of Normal Movement Courses, Basic Bobath courses and Advanced Bobath courses. Information about these courses can be found by clicking on Course Information. Clicking on Planned Courses will bring up the updated list of future courses and the contact person for each course.

Australian Bobath Training Association inc. (ABTA) has been providing Bobath courses in Australia and neighbouring countries since 2000. It is our mission to provide exciting, current Bobath courses that are very applicable to the clinical setting.

There are currently five qualified Bobath tutors and six tutor trainees in the group.

Australian Bobath Tutors

Alena Scurrah has been an ABTA Tutor since 2015.

Janet Stevens is a founding member and an ABTA Tutor since 1996

Kim Brock has been an ABTA Tutor since 2001.

Kim Jennings has been an ABTA Tutor since 2000.

Shauna Picard has been an ABTA Tutor since 2001.

Australian Bobath Tutor trainees

Kirsty Angus, Melissa Birnbaum, Keegan Bow, Irene Dowton, Leanne Passier, Nicole Simmons.