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Upcoming Courses

We have been providing Bobath courses in Australia and neighbouring countries since 2000. It is our mission to provide exciting, current Bobath courses that are very applicable to the clinical setting. Listed below are the three main category of courses we provide.

1. Introductory Course: "What is Normal Movement"

This 2 day course is designed to introduce participants to the concepts of normal movement used in the assessment and treatment of adults with neurological or neuromuscular impairments. The course consists of a theoretical introduction to normal movement, practical sessions and a patient demonstration.

Course Aims

  • Expand the participants understanding of normal movement.
  • Introduce the application of the concept of normal movement as used in the assessment and treatment of adults in the Bobath Approach.
  • Develop participants ability to analyse posture and movement.
  • Learning Outcomes
  • By the end of the course, the participants should be able to
  • Describe the concepts and basic components of normal movement.
  • Understand the wide postural and tonal variation in the normal population.
  • Draw on improved analysis and assessment skills to more effectively treat neuromuscular disorders.

2. Basic Bobath Course

The Basic Bobath course provides an introduction to the Bobath Concept in the assessment and treatment of adult neurological conditions. This is a three week full time course, accredited by IBITA, the International Bobath Instructors Training Association. The course includes lectures on neurosciences and the Bobath Concept, practical sessions on normal movement, patient demonstrations and workshops and patient treatment sessions. It is highly desirable to have completed a ‘What is normal movement’ course before undertaking the Basic Bobath course.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the principles of the Bobath Concept
  • Understand current neurophysiology relevant to the application of the Bobath concept
  • Understand the range of normal movement and appreciate major causes of deviations of normal movement and posture
  • analyse movement in terms of efficiency and recognise potential causes for lack of efficiency
  • use enhanced observation, analytical and facilitation skills, acquired through the study of normal movement, to develop individual treatment strategies for patients with movement disorders

3. Advanced Bobath Course

This is a one week full time course, considering an aspect of the Bobath Concept at a more advanced level. The Basic Bobath course is a prerequisite for the Advanced Bobath Course.