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The Australian Bobath Training Association (ABTA) has been formed to promote the teaching of the Bobath Concept in adult neurological rehabilitation. We have been providing Bobath courses in Australia and neighbouring countries since 2000.

It is our mission to provide exciting, current Bobath courses that are very applicable to the clinical setting

ABTA Response to Recent Systematic Reviews and Guideline Updates

At the present time, there is a strong drive against the Bobath concept, including recommendations in the UK Stroke Guidelines based on recent systematic reviews. The StrokeEd Collaboration in Sydney have called for de-implementation of the Bobath concept post-stroke.

We strongly refute these developments the main reason being that the studies included in the systematic reviews do not represent the Bobath concept as it is taught around the world by tutors accredited by the International Bobath Instructor Training Association (IBITA).

Testing the efficacy of the Bobath concept must involve clinicians with skills in the clinical reasoning and interventions of the Bobath concept, who have completed accredited training.

The full ABTA Response to Recent Systematic Reviews and Guideline Updates can be viewed here.

Further relevant letters and responses:

We now have a 6th Australian tutor!
Melissa receiving flowers with Janet Stevens and Kim Jennings at her successful Qualification event.

Melissa Birnbaum has recently become an ABTA Basic Course Instructor in February 2024.

Melissa has spent seven years working hard to achieve this international qualification. Melissa's in-depth knowledge of neurophysiology, movement analysis and fantastic client outcomes have qualified her for this moment.

Bobath Tutors

There are six qualified Bobath tutors and five tutor trainees in the group currently. A brief CV of each member is available in the About Us section.