Australian Bobath Training Association

Welcome to the The Australian Bobath Training Association inc. (ABTA) home page. The ABTA has been formed to promote the teaching of the Bobath Concept in adult neurological rehabilitation. The members of ABTA are all members of IBITA, the International Bobath Instructors Training Association. Membership is open to qualified Bobath tutors and therapists who have been accepted into a tutor training programme.

Bobath Courses

If you or your group wish to hold a course, please contact the ABTA chairperson Janet Stevens.  The members of the ABTA meet regularly to allocate course tutors and further develop Bobath courses in Australia and neighbouring countries.

Courses 2019

Act fast – one place available for Advanced Bobath course: “The Perceptual Patient”

June 1-5, 2019. St Vincents Melbourne to be run at St Georges campus, Kew.
Contact Sophie Muir for more info.

Inaugural ABTA Conference

What a great day it was! 150 therapists from around Australia gathered to hear a range of expert speakers on latest developments in neuroscience, clinical case studies, current research, and updates in specialist medical developments.

Key Note Speaker Mary Lynch-Ellerington, UK, presented current understanding of cerebellar function, and 2 case studies demonstrating the kinematic analysis, clinical reasoning and interventions used.

A good dose of humour and camaraderie throughout the day culminated in the presentation to Mary, who has been teaching in Australia since 1990, of her ‘Damehood – the Australian Way’ with gladioli, feather boa, and Edna glasses.

We thanks all who attended for your enthusiasm and great feedback, and all our speakers for such an inspiring array of clinically oriented evidence and information!

You can Download the Reference list for keynote speaker Mary Lynch-Ellerington’s second presentation “The Cerebellum”

The following are some articles referred to in Mary Lynch – Ellerington’s first presentation:

  • Krishnan V, Latash M, Aruin A. Early and late components of feedforward postural adjustments to predict perturbations. Clinical Neurophysiology 123(2012) 1016-1026
  • Latash M, Huang X. Neural control of movement stability: lessons from studies of neurological patients. Neuroscience (2015) Aug 20, 301:30-48
  • Lacquaniti F, Ivanenko Y, Zago M. (2012) Patterned control of human locomotion. Journal of Physiology 590.10 (2012) 2189 -2199

Bobath Tutors

There are five qualified Bobath tutors and 6 tutor trainees in the group currently. A brief CV of each member is available in the About Us section.